Our Curriculum


We believe that a STEM school should…

  • teach all students to ask questions using higher level thinking skills to seek answers that will provide them a purposeful, productive future.
  • engage all students in meaningful learning.
  • cultivate successful students through the assistance of a teacher who serves as a facilitator.
  • enable all students to retain valuable information, work with others and think and communicate with self-confidence.
  • embrace an effective faculty and staff who will provide a positive environment for all students, model critical thinking skills and encourage risk taking as well as provide support and resources to all stakeholders.


Is a major focus at Bethune Academy. The students are involved in hands-on laboratory experiments and field experiences in outdoor classrooms throughout Central Florida. Student activities include off-site outdoor classroom field trips studying wetlands and pinewoods. In addition, each science and math classroom reflects a laboratory atmosphere.


Is integrated in our curriculum through the use of:

  • Power Point presentation
  • Pixie Creativity Software
  • Keyboarding
  • Video projectors
  • Lightspeed Sound
  • Enhancement systems
  • Word processing
  • Video & digital cameras
  • Document cameras
  • Smart Board
  • Interactive Whiteboards

Students use desktop computers, laptops and iPads in the classrooms as well as several computer labs throughout the school.


Is a new focus in our curriculum which provides opportunities for enhanced critical thinking, problem solving, collaborative learning and hands-on activities that center on Environmental Education.


Is another focus area offering exciting learning opportunities for students. A math lab enriches problem solving with “hands-on”activities replicating real-world situations. Our students also participate in mathematics clubs (before and after school).


Are an important aspect in the development of children, and we offer multiple musical and visual arts programs.


Classes focus on skill development both vocally and on specific instruments including ukuleles, drums, recorders, xylophones and electric guitars. Primary students (grades K – 2) participate in the Uke Troop Ensemble while intermediate students (grades 3 – 5) participate in the BA Sound Ensemble, Stage Band and Recorders. We also host three major music festivals annually which spotlight numerous other district music programs … Uke Day, Recorder Day and Music Festival.

The Visual Arts Program

Is available to all students in the areas of clubs, journaling, art shows and field experiences.

Family Involvement

Bethune Academy families are an important part of the success of our mission and vision. We depend on the full support and participation from our families. Upon acceptance into Bethune Academy, our parents must sign a contract which explains their responsibility to support our academic behavior, uniform dress code and attendance policies. In addition, it is vital to our success that the Bethune Academy families participate in all required meetings and special events.